Dynastic Records
Emerging music to and from Tokyo

Welcome to Dynastic Records, a new cutting edge label operating in Japan and the USA.

Tokyo Sunrise

Formed in 2005, Dynastic Records’ initial prevue is to bring new and exciting music to Japan and bring the same in Japanese music to the USA (and the world). To this end we are putting out sizzling material in the realms of club, rock, hip hop, breaks, funk and reggae. The label is developing a number of original acts and building a rock-club/breaks crossover style. Stay tuned for a roster of original Dynastic Records’ productions from rock to club to cosmic Japanese dance music mixed with a funk-punk sensibility.

Ralph Myers and The Jack Herren Band

Dynastic Records’ first release will be the funky and luxuriant electro trio from Norway Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren band. Their second CD, Your New Best Friends, the album is a healthy mix of dub, up tempo power pop and beat driven tunes, all enlived a sprinkle of Nordic charm. It’s out on Dynastic Records on April 22.

Dynastic Records is also very involved with the ongoing synthesis of Indian beats with club and rock tunes. From Talvin Singh and Asian Dub Foundation to Desi beats out of the UK, this sound is cracking. Look for Dynastic Records’ original artist Bhang Lassi, who melds wicked dance tunes, sweet melodies and great intrumentation with an Indian atmosphere and funky beats. Coming in the Summer of 2006.

Peace Not War Japan

Dynastic Records is also a socially conscious label very concerned with peace and social justice. To this end, we are producing an anti-war charity CD, Peace Not War Japan, comprised of Japanese bands all doing anti-war songs, a first for the rock and club scenes in Japan. Look for release in the Summer of 2006 and see www.pnwj.org for more details.

Dynastic Records, a connection from Japan to the world, and the world to Japan